Engaging Local Businesses
to Cover Local Needs

Cover real-time needs

Gooddler is a “Gift Registry” for organizations to collect and manage goods donations from corporate and individual supporters.

Our partner organizations get goods when and where they need them, utilizing inventories of local merchants.

Expand your supporter base

Gooddler platform delivers actionable insights, data and analytics, about corporate and individual supporters for empowered decision making.

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Digitizing inventory of local merchants

Gooddler digitizes inventory of local merchants and allows providers of humanitarian assistance create wishllists based on the specific needs of beneficiaries utilizing local resources, minimizing waste.

Collecting data

Gooddler collects data on availability of goods in the area of assistance and specific needs of the beneficiaries. It is a digital platform where private and institutional donors can see the vetted requirements of any humanitarian organization and connect to respond to them.

Global work

Utilizing goods from local entrepreneurs
to build resilient communities

Disaster preparedness and recovery

Increasing resiliency of communities by equipping them with tools to become first responders to any humanitarian crisis.


Creating systemic change by enabling communities to solve their own problems through social entrepreneurship and collaboration.

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