GOODdler is an enterprise software for public and private organizations working on aid, sustainability and development to collect and manage goods donations. It digitizes supply chains of local retailers and farmers, enabling local NGOs to create wishlists utilizing their inventory and providing international communities with an easy way to contribute by purchasing requested goods directly from local retailers. It minimizes challenges of unsolicited bilateral donations by giving organizations tools to accept goods donations from supporters on the terms that support, not overwhelm the recipient.

GOODdler strengthens communications in humanitarian emergencies by connecting NGOs and affected communities with supporters around the world in a way that collective action leads to collective intelligence. Local actors become first responders to humanitarian crisis.

Here is how it works:

  • If you are a charity, we provide you with a platform that allows you to post specific items needed to achieve your organization’s goals for supporters to purchase. Items will be delivered to your door, eliminating any monetary exchange. It allows you to receive the exact items you need thus eliminating a burden of distributing items that were received through a general donation drive and are not needed.
  • If you are a donor, we provide you with an easy to use platform where you can buy and donate specific goods requested by charities to maximize the use of your dollar and to give you an assurance that you have a full control over every dollar you spend.

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