Project Homeless Connect

Journey out of homelessness: How dentures, glasses and a phone can change someone’s life

When we meet Jerry, he was living in the park and was disconnected from services and society. Despite only being in his twenties, Jerry was missing most of his teeth, which hindered his confidence, self advocacy and employment prospects. After months of engagement, we convinced Jerry to enroll in our denture program and through a partnership with a private dentist, we’re able to get him extensive dental care and dentures. 

In addition to dentures Jerry received prescription glasses and a Lifeline cell phone. Dentures, glasses and a phone changed Jerry’s life. One year after Every Day Connect engaged Jerry, he has a stable job and an apartment. When Jerry moved into his apartment we were able to supply him with essential items such as a microwave and mini refrigerator, making his apartment a home. Through the generous support of our community, we were able to give Jerry the tools he needed to make real and lasting change in his life.

In 2004, Project Homeless Connect was created as a way to bring necessary services to the homeless. PHC hosts events targeting specific neighborhoods and populations. During these events corporations,non profits, and government agencies provide participants with free services such as: dental care, prescription glasses, medical care, mental health services, legal advice, California ID card and drivers licenses, voice mail accounts, wheelchair repair, employment counseling/job placement and much more. 

Health Care for homeless

In the Fall of 2012, Project Homeless Connect opened Every Day Connect. PHC’s Every Day Connect program is a team of dedicated, resourceful and compassionate individuals who work with people experiencing homelessness on a daily basis and help them gain access to the services they need. In addition to services offered at the events PHC offers critical and hard to access services such as dentures and Lifeline cell phones. 

Food Bank

One essential and supportive service provided by Every Day Connect is to give folks basic household items when moving into housing. PHC’s wish list “Move Me In” shows their most requested items.  



Donee: Project Homeless Connect
Publish date: September 5, 2014