Friends For Youth

Heal The World With Friendship. The best way to celebrate International Day of Friendship is to support Friends For Youth!

Declared by United Nations General Assembly in 2011, International Day of Friendship is celebrated globally on July 30th.

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The best way to celebrate International Day of Friendship is to support those, who don’t have friends. Friends For Youth, non-profit organization, provides an academic support to youth and hosts life skills workshops that are essential to teach youth to deal with what life throws at them. Adult mentors ofFriends For Youth become friends with children in need, opening for them the doors to a great future. You can help by choosing to be a friend of Friends for Youth. Go to their wishlist to purchase items to support their work.


Friendship knows no color, no race, no political affiliation, no financial standing; it doesn’t separate. Friendship sees an individual and touches hearts in many different ways.

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Who are your friends? Are you interested in expanding your circle of friends?

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Cultivate warm ties around you to strengthen humanity, at work, in your neighborhood. Where else can you show your friendliness and care?

2. Build cross-cultural friendships to promote mutual understanding. Reach out to people from different backgrounds at work, school, in your community and show interest in their culture. Where can you find people of different nationalities around you?

3. Remove preconceived notions about people whose background is different than yours. Open your eyes and ears to their unique stories. Be willing to learn and not judge. What stories amazed you?

You don’t have to be close to be a close friend. Do you have a friend in need? Now you can help by creating a wishlist on platform, share it with your circle of friends and see relationships blossom. Items purchased by your friends on Gooddler platform will go directly to the intended recipient.

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Publish date: June 30, 2014