Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Your donation matters – and directly helps our animal shelter and the animals in our community!

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We receive in animals that are found stray within our jurisdiction, animals that owners no longer can care for, as well as injured and abused animals. We also hold animals that are under bite quarantine for rabies control. Our annual intake averages about 1,200 animals – down from a high of 2,100 animals in 1999. Through our proactive monthly Fix-it Clinics we offer our residents FREE cat spays/neuters and very low-cost dog altering to reduce the number of kittens and puppies that come through our door. Our declining number of intakes show that this approach is paying off! We would love to share with you how items from this wish list are used. We also would love to connect with you and keep you updated on the work we do. Let's stay in touch!

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Publish date: August 30, 2018